Sicily Tour Participants

“This was the most informative and varied tour we’ve ever been on. Every day was a new beginning with adventures, fun, incredible food, fabulous wines and just the right balance of pre-planning and time on our own…your preparation and organization was first rate. The quality of hotels, food and wine and sights have made us hungry for more. We can’t thank you enough for opening new horizons and exposing our hearts to Italia. — Marcy and Larry Mazonson

This is surely the best tour I have ever been on. The size was small and intimate, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone…this trip was first-class all the way! — Sue Kosmowski

Exceeded expectations! Really enjoyed the personal attention and meeting the families!..I would highly recommend “A Taste of Sicily” to all who love to travel while enjoying delicious regional cooking and wines! — MaryPat Armistead

A perfect trip!! When I am 85 and sitting in my rocker in a nursing home, I will remember walking to the top of Erice and watching Maria Grammatico making marzipan. — Susan Gilbert

“We saw a tremendous number of things – ate great food – enjoyed the company and Mt. Etna was a bonus – Great trip!” — N. & E. Stewart

“The trip more than met our expectations. The trip gave a good balance of tour information with personal time to investigate and sightsee on our own.” — S. & S. Berthelette

“Every day just got better and better–an experience of a lifetime! Michele, you did a fantastic job and there’s truly no other way to get a Taste of Sicily–or Italy for that matter–without going on one of your tours. First class all the way!”– A & J Smith

“It exceeded our expectations because it seemed so seamless in the way the itinerary was executed.” — J. & K. Ford

“A qualified yes and the choice was excellent to provide an exposure to the Sicilian food culture.” !!” “A qualified yes. Indeed it did exceed my expectations. — S. Bakizada

“A nice mix of culinary and sight seeing. Wonderful group of people and you were an exact and accommodating hostess.” — S. Hadsell

“We think you did an outstanding job–keep it up and let us know of any future trips. Thanks again” — A. & S. Alter

“Was better than we expected. People everywhere were wonderful. Our tour group was the most compatible we have ever had. Michele, you were the best!” — B. & V. Zammito

Just a note to tell you that the Sicily trip was unequivocally the best vacation of my life. Friday night after dinner I stood alone on the balcony looking at the lights and the sea. I could barely hold back the tears. To top it off, Aldo was at the train station the next morning. He bought the coffee and helped put the bags on the train.

It was worth the money…..
It was worth the jet lag…..
It was worth the sore muscles….
It was even worth the poke in the eye from the baron’s coat hook…

Mille Grazie & Bravissimo !!!!

— T. Casella

Dear Michele:

It is so easy for one to sit down and write letters of complaint—saying such things as this went wrong, that went wrong—this or that wasn’t right. If a tour or event went right or was beautifully done all too often the organizers never hear about it.

Michele, both Tom and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on having a near perfect trip. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely. Your planning of both the culinary, historical and beauty aspects of Sicily, and north to Rome was very well done.

We both have told our friends and acquaintances what a fabulous trip we were just on. Again thank you for organizing the trip and giving us the opportunity to join you.

Paul Kowal
Tom Kawabe


I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic trip…it could not have been better…your choices of places to stay, eat and visit were perfect…and most of all Josie and Gaetano made the trip even more delightful. But your knowledge and enthusiasm for the foods of Sicily really enhanced my knowledge of incredible Sicilian food.

I have already used the olive oil and salt…what a difference!

I look forward to seeing you again soon.