Summer Grilling Tips


Place the grill in safe place. Supervise children.

Have dousing water nearby.

Trim meat of fat and bring all food to room temperature before grilling.

BE PATIENT – Don’t put the food on the grill until the flames have disappeared and the coals glow through ash gray. Move the coals around so that you have different heat intensities or put all the coals on one side of the grill. Add charcoal to outer edge.

HOT FIRE – coals are red and there is still some flames.

MEDIUM FIRE – coals are still red with some gray edges, and will flare up when marinade of fat drips on them.

LOW FIRE – coals are gray, with a light coating of ash, and emit little or no flame when the marinade drips on them.

Keep the grill clean. Scrub it with a wire brush.

Allow heat circulation, don’t crowd food.

Prevent flare-ups, brush all of the ingredients lightly with oil before placing them on the grill.

Brush foods with marinades while cooking, but do not serve raw marinade over cooked food.

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