Bruciate Ubriache

Burned, Drunken Chestnuts


This was a favorite recipe from my cooking classes in the 80’s. It could be served after a simple or elegant dinner, or for an after ski gathering.

1 lb. chestnuts
1/4 C. sugar
1/2 C. rum

Roast the chestnuts as described above. When they are cooked, remove the shells and place them in an ovenproof serving dish, add the sugar and mix together. If you are not going to use them immediately, keep them well covered so that they do not dry out. Just before serving, warm the rum on a low flame. Remove the cover from the chestnuts, pour the rum over the chestnuts and flame it. While the rum is burning, stir the chestnuts so that the sugar is flamed. As soon as the flame burns out, serve immediately.