BELLINI – Prosecco and Peach Puree Cocktail

This typical Venetian aperitivo was first invented at Harry’s Bar in 1948. Although it has become one of the most popular summer drinks in America, once you have had a fresh white peach in Italy, you can understand why it is difficult to really duplicate this drink in America. White peach puree can be very hard to find in this country and fresh peach puree seems to create a drink that “foams up”. …

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SPRITZ – Venetian Aperitivo

This delightful low alcohol, slightly bitter aperitivo is served in every bar in Venice. It’s origin goes back to the 19th century when the Austrian soldiers occupied Venice and finding the wine too strong for them, asked to have it diluted with water.


SGROPPINO – An Iced Lemon Venetian Refresher

What could be more refreshing during the dog days of summer than a drink that features the tart taste of lemon?  Here in the  North End on a scorching August evening, a young girl, perhaps nine or ten years old, is selling homemade lemonade from a tiny stand on Cooper Street. …

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