Verdura Mista in Gratticola – Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables should be a summer staple! Wonderful as an antipasto, a summer salad or a contorno to serve with grilled fish or meat. Leftover vegetables should be refrigerated, then brought to room temperature before serving; drizzle with OO and aceto balsamico or cut into bite sized pieces and toss with pasta. …

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Pomodoro Arrosti – roasted tomatoes

Baking tomatoes evaporates the water and deepens their flavor. These are delicious on their own or tossed with pasta, added to sautés, soups, and sauces or simply spooned over toasted bread.

Tortino di carciofi e cardi – casserole of cardoons and artichokes

Cardoons are one of the vegetables very popular in Mediterranean countries but sadly neglected by Americans. They are a member of the thistle family, related to artichokes. The thistle that it produces is not edible, but the stalks, which look like giant celery with thin, feathery silver leaves along the suede-like stalks, …

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Torta Pasqualina – Savory cheese and vegetable pie

Torta pasqualina is an Easter specialty from Liguria, although not necessarily confined to that area. It’s a vegetable tart made with a very simple dough. The filling is usually made with ricotta cheese and spinach or artichokes, but its ingredients can be varied according to whatever vegetables are in season. …

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