Sale Al Limone e Rosmarino – lemon rosemary salt

This recipe for lemon rosemary salt is from The Italian Farmhouse Cookbook, written by Susan Herrmann Loomis. Susan recommends this wonderful multi-purpose seasoning to complement roast chicken, grilled fish, and oven baked potatoes, and is also delicious sprinkled on steamed vegetables.

SALSA VERDE – Green Sauce

This tart green sauce is always served with boiled meats. Vary the proportions and ingredients according to taste. This sauce is best if made several hours in advance.

CAPONATA – Sweet and Sour Eggplant Relish

Caponata is one of the most famous agro-dolce dishes of Sicily. Its base is a mixture of fried onions, celery, and eggplant to which sweet peppers, artichokes and asparagus may be added. The mixture has been known to be enriched with lobster, shrimp, small octopus or bottarga. It can also be stuffed inside the belly of a whole fish and roasted. …

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