Insalata di Pere – Pear salad

A favorite winter salad to accompany a roast or as a simple palate cleanser. Walnuts are used in this recipe but other variations include other nuts i.e. pecans, hazelnuts, almonds or also great with poppy seeds.

Insalata di cicorino – dandelion salad

Dandelions are wonderful served raw on their own or as an adjunct to a salad. If you find the leaves too bitter for your taste, put the washed leaves in a large bowl covered with cold water for at least 1 hour or even overnight. This removes some of the bitterness.

Fagioli, tonno e cipolle – bean, tuna and onion salad

This basic, rustic antipasto can be easily made with left over cooked shell beans. Although white cannellini or borlotti (cranberry) beans are traditionally used, any good quality white, red or brown shell bean will do. This hearty dish is also my favorite summer luncheon dish.