RISI E BISI – Rice and peas

“Rice and Peas”- Venetian style

As a rule, I’m a fairly punctual person. But for reasons that I will explain, I am devoting this column to one of the most famous of all Venetian dishes traditionally served on April 25 to celebrate the birthday of St….

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Polenta alla Spinatoia – Polenta with sauce served on a board

This is the traditional Abruzzese rustic polenta feast, typically shared on a cold winter day with family and friends. The polenta is poured onto a very large wooden or marble board on the dining table. The top is smoothed and indented a bit in the center. The host then pours the sauce over the polenta and arranges the whole sausage in the center….

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Polenta Taragna – Cornmeal and buckwheat polenta


Polenta taragna is a mixture of cornmeal and buckwheat flour, typical to the Valtellina in Lombardia. It’s name derives from Tarela, the long stick traditionally used to stir the polenta.

One of the most requested dishes in the Valtellina province of Lombardia is Polenta Taragna….

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Zuppa di lenticchie – Lentil soup

Italians have always eaten a special meal for luck on New Year’s Day. Lentils – coin shaped – are said to ensure financial security in the New Year. In the North, particularly the region of Emilia-Romagna, lentils are traditionally served with delicately spiced cotechino* sausage. Make this recipe with less liquid to accompany cotechino.

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