Farro Spaghetti

Substitute pasta made from farro in any of your favorite pasta dishes. Since it has an earthy, nutty taste similar to whole wheat pasta, it pairs best with a more assertive vegetable.


Spaghettini alle alici – spaghettini with anchovies

This is one of the most simple but ancient pasta preparations, served often in Sicily and always at the Christmas Eve feast. It is important to use only the best anchovies – Sicilian anchovies packed in salt or in glass jars with olive oil.

Orecchiete con cime di rapa – pasta with broccoli rabe

This very simple dish is made from a curiously shaped pasta commonly found in the region of Puglia. Orecchiette are small disks of pasta made into ear-like shapes by pressing a thumb into a sliced fresh pasta disk creating a concave cap. Most of the pasta in this region is made without eggs, …

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Pappardelle Maltagliate con Funghi – Fresh Pasta with Mushrooms

Although in American markets, many varieties of mushrooms are available throughout the year, this recipe is favored in Italy during the winter months. White or black truffle shavings are often added to the dish before serving, but considering both the expense and the difficulty in finding these precious fungi, instead drizzle the finished dish with truffle oil. …

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