Toasts with chocolate, olive oil, and sea salt

Amanda Hesser wrote about this recipe in an article for the New York Times. Common as an after school snack for children in Spain, it is an effortless “no recipe” recipe. You’ll have to trust me that it’s outstanding and one of my most favorite easy to prepare treats to end a meal. …

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Pastiera – Easter cheese and grain pie

This famous Easter cake is a wonderful survivor of Naples’ culinary traditions and is now much appreciated in all of Italy. Its exotic ingredients are a reminder of the past, when Phoenicians, Arabs, crusaders, and Romans would come into Naples harbor with their bounty of new found spices and flavorings. …

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Crostata Alle Fragole – Strawberry tart

This summer dessert allows you to exercise your creativity. Although this recipe is made with whole strawberries creatively arranged on a thin cookie shell, any selection of assorted or single variety of fruits can be used. Rum flavored whipped cream makes a quick and easy topping!