ZUPPA DI PESCE – Mediterranean fish stew

It’s very often that too many topics come to mind when I sit down to write this column but I had help last week when I was approached by “Junior” as I walked down Salem Street – “I like your articles in the North End News but why don’t you write something about fish – I’d like to see a good recipe .” It then reminded me of great times at the table, …

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Spaghettini alle alici – spaghettini with anchovies

This is one of the most simple but ancient pasta preparations, served often in Sicily and always at the Christmas Eve feast. It is important to use only the best anchovies – Sicilian anchovies packed in salt or in glass jars with olive oil.

Baccala alla Siciliana – Salt cod Sicilian style

Baccala or salt cod is one of the most important Christmas Eve dishes. It has as many variations as there are cities in Sicily. Although basically Sicilian influenced, this dish has close similarities in all the southern regions – Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, and Apulia.