Verdura Mista in Gratticola – Grilled Vegetables

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Grilled vegetables should be a summer staple! Wonderful as an antipasto, a summer salad or a contorno to serve with grilled fish or meat. Leftover vegetables should be refrigerated, then brought to room temperature before serving; drizzle with OO and aceto balsamico or cut into bite sized pieces and toss with pasta.

Almost any vegetable can be cooked on the grill, with a few guidelines:

  • Vegetables have no natural fat, so to avoid sticking to the grill surface, either marinate them in an oil based mixture or brush with oil.
  • Regulate the heat carefully and turn often.
  • Be sure that the grill rack is clean as vegetables tend to absorb off-flavors more quickly than meat or fowl.
  • Some vegetables require precooking or they will dry and burn on the outside before softening within, i.e. broccoli, cauliflower, root vegetables, winter squash.


artichokes -trim, remove choke and quarter if large; halve if small,
-toss with OO, finely chopped garlic, mint

eggplant – slice if large, halve if small
-OO, red wine or balsamic vinegar, mint/oregano/basil, S & P

Belgian endive – halve lengthwise
-OO, S& P

fennel – cut bulb into 1/2 inch slices lengthwise trying to keep root attached
-OO, S & P/orange slices

leeks/scallions – trim, halve leeks lengthwise trying to keep root attached, run cold water over them to remove any dirt trapped between the layers
-OO, S & P, rosemary/mint

mushrooms – wipe with damp paper towel, skewer if small
-OO, rosemary/chopped garlic/thyme/summer savory/oregano/hot pepper

onions – cut into 1/2 inch slices/halve crosswise/quarter with root attached
-OO, thyme/rosemary/mint/savory/oregano/tarragon/basil/sage/hot pepper

peppers – leave whole, blister and peel/ remove stem and core, and quarter
-OO, chopped garlic, basil/rosemary

radicchio – quarter lengthwise
-OO, S & P

tomatoes – cherry- skewer; plum – halve lengthwise; regular – halve crosswise
-OO, chopped garlic, bread crumbs, oregano/basil/summer savory/tarragon/thyme/rosemary/sage

zucchini/summer squash – cut diagonally into 1/2 inch slices
-OO, basil, summer savory/ mint/ thyme / oregano


  • onions, peppers, basil, OO
  • zucchini, mushrooms, herbs
  • radicchio, onions
  • peppers, garlic, raisins, OO, balsamic vinegar
  • eggplant, onion, tomatoes, capers, green olives, parsley, raisins, OO, balsamic vinegar