Panettone Fantasia – ideas for using panettone

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As good as it is, traditional Panettone can be used as a base for many simple but elegant desserts.

  1. Cut panettone into thin wedges, top with a sauce, decorate with a few raspberries and serve. The sauce could be as simple as liquor flavored whipped cream or zabaglione, chocolate sauce, custard sauce, pureed fruit, or mascarpone blended with rum and finely chopped croccante.
  2. Use Panettone as a substitute for: bread in home made bread pudding, lady fingers in a tiramisu recipe, bread for French toast, toasted bread.
  3. Cut the top off the panettone about one inch down and continue cutting layers as though you were cutting a cake into layers. Drizzle each layer with a liqueur that has been diluted with some water. Slightly soften several flavors of ice cream (as many as you have layers) and top each layer with a different flavor. Rebuild the panettone with the different layers of ice cream. Wrap with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and freeze overnight. Before serving, remove the wrapping and sprinkle the top with powdered sugar.