Fichi ripieni alla Sibarita – stuffed dried figs

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Dried soft figs are filled with a sweet mixture and served warm or stored under liquor. This recipe reflects the influence of the Greeks as they invaded and left their traces in southern Italy. SYBARIS was an ancient Greek city in southern Italy (Calabria), famed as a center of luxury. This is one of my favorite Holiday food gifts!

  • large, dry, soft figs
  • walnuts and/or almonds
  • chocolate, chopped into small bits
  • candied fruit, preferably orange rind


Make a small slit in each fig, allowing it to retain its original shape. Into the slit, tuck one nut, a very small piece of chocolate and candied fruit. Place on paper truffle or small muffin cups. Before serving, place in a microwave oven on med./high for one minute or until warm enough for the chocolate to melt. Place on a platter with a small dish filled with grappa for dunking.

Optional: For longer storage, after the figs have cooled, dip each into liquor of choice and pack in a glass storage jar, sprinkling each layer with perfumed sugar (perfumed with cinnamon or clove). Cover completely with the same liquor, placing a weight on top so that the figs remain pressed and submerged in the liquor. Keeps indefinitely.