Market Tour Participants

Your tour was absolutely fabulous. Your extensive knowledge and passion of the Italian culture is phenomenal. The wealth of information you put forth came across terrific. Thank you for educating us on the North End, we loved every minute of it. We have raved about your tour to our friends and family and really would recommend it to anyone.

Fondly, Susan and Tim Dowd

I attended your North End tour on that Wednesday Nor’easter day. Even though the weather was terrible, it was worth it! My friend and I had a wonderful time!

I received your postcard and want to keep my email address on your list.

Thanks, Joann Ignelzi

So far I’ve referred 14 people to your fabulous tour and every single one of them has just loved it.

Melanie Silvernail

PS — Perhaps, are you ever going to offer an actual cooking class? You really have a marvelous tour — and your passion for the art of being/eating Italian is contagious!!!

I was writing to let you know how pleased my boyfriend and I were with your tour. We went on Friday, July 11 and could not wait to return to the North End on Saturday to revisit some of the stores and make our purchases. We both considered it our favorite part of our vacation in Boston. I will recommend it to anyone I know who comes to Boston in the future–it’s definitely a must-do! Thank you for a wonderful time.

Sincerely, Tammi Thullen

Please accept this letter as a very long overdue note of thanks!!! Back on June 1st, I had the privilege of bringing 12 co-workers on one of your Market Tours – to say the least, we all had a wonderful experience. From learning to tasting we were all enlightened to the Italian culture that is alive and well in Boston’s North End.

Your rapport with many of the vendors was certainly noteworthy. It was something you don’t see in our local "superstores". We look forward to coming up again next year with some familiar faces as well as some fresh faces.

Again, my sincerest thanks for introducing us to the North End.

Sincerely, Lisa Bunnell

I have been meaning to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful tour we took with you on July 11th and to thank you for squeezing us in to your full group!

We had such a great time and really enjoyed going back to the places you introduced to us and shopping!! We also dined at Terra Mia on your suggestion and had the best dinner of our entire vacation!

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw a promo on HGTV for their Good Life Series featuring you! Joe and I were at the ready to watch the program with the VCR set to record. What a terrific presentation—it really caught the flavor of who you are and what you do! Congratulations!

I am so happy that we met you—and we’ll look for you and say hello the next time we’re in Boston!

Joe and Beth Ann Gambardella

Just wanted to tell you that it’s now been over a month since I took your tour and I’m still smiling over how wonderful it was!! I learned so much and can’t wait to put all that knowledge to work. Have started to choose my food differently already! Your enthusiasm is infectious and I’m telling all my friends about you. Thank you again!

Laurel Vent

I have traveled to Italy and I am a gourmet cook—of course, I love anything and everything Italian!! I must say I did learn so many new secrets about Italian foods and preparation of those foods. You are very passionate about your subject and a joy to listen to—your tour was the highlight of our long winter here in New England!

Tricia Marcaceco

I just had to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your tour on Saturday afternoon. My parents said they had a fabulous time as well. I am typing up all my notes as not to forget one thing you taught us and will certainly be visiting all the places on the tour. I have to say, first on my list will be to cook razor clams and start cooking with the tomatoes and risotto you suggested. I will also be changing my snack food over to chick peas and nuts as well as fennel which I loved. I have sung praises to everyone at my office and my family and already have people looking to get gift certificates. Thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon.

Jennifer Stevenson

Five of us who work together took your North End Tour this past Saturday. Angela was our tour guide.

I had to take the time to tell you just how much we all enjoyed the tour. I was the only one of the group of Italian descent so I took a step back into my childhood. Besides the obvious charm of the North End, all the information we received was so interesting and enjoyable.

We are all spreading the word! Thank you again.

Barbara Riggs

I’m still processing all of the information that you presented. Don’t think you should have cut anything out, but I feel like it was just an outline. Would love to do the tour again or if you offer different tours that go deeper into individual categories, I’d love to do them as well. I lived in the North End from ’79 to ’81. It’s amazing how different the neighborhood is today, but yet most of the vendors are the same. Travel and maturity also made your tour that much more intriguing for me. I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to travel to Italy before I went on your tour. I had a greater appreciation of the information that you presented. As you were describing things, I could see and taste them. Now that we can import Italian groceries, I only wish that we could bottle the Italians’ lust for life!

I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm for the North End and your passion for everything Italian. Had a great afternoon on Friday! Thank You!

Sincerely, Cindy Weinberger

We had such a great time on your tour yesterday…

It’s a tour with great texture!!! Taste, smell, people, color, history, current events all woven into one great afternoon.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Team outing!!

You were born to do this!


Kristine D. Peotrowski
Career Development Manager
Bain & Company, Inc.

Just a quick note to thank you and let you know how much we enjoyed our tour today. The tour was even better than I had expected and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! I will certainly consider giving tour gift certificates in the future.

I spent a lot of time in the North End as a child. Today brought back many wonderful memories for me, and for my mother too. My daughter is only 4 years old and even she enjoyed herself thoroughly. The tour was everything I had hoped for and more. What I enjoyed most was all the wonderful food tips and interesting information about my Italian heritage and Italian cuisine. I’m a great cook and I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about food. Well, for someone who grew up eating and cooking Italian food, I must admit that I learned so much today — so much that my head is spinning! And I loved hearing and learning about the North End’s history and the huge influence and benefit Italians have brought to America.

You are a fabulous tour guide and extremely knowledgeable. You definitely made the day a very enjoyable, exciting and knowledgeable experience for us. We have always loved the North End and today you reminded us just how much we miss it — the delicious, high quality foods, the wonderful aroma’s and the spirit of the community. My mother and I are excited about spending much more time there from now on. I look forward to receiving your newsletters.

Again, thank you for a wonderful day!

Sincerely, Aleta Bransfield

It was terrific!!! The "word" here in the lakes region is that you are the best-and Mista and I agree! We learned in an enjoyable and tasteful environment-now if only all education could be this way. I have passed your card along-so expect to see more Lakes people on your tours. We felt so comfortable with the North End that a holiday shopping trip is planned. Thanks so much for introducing us to this gem.

Sincerely, Jayne Jarvis

This is Jeff Tripp. My son, Lyle, his girlfriend Hazel, and I took the tour last Friday and enjoyed it mightily.

The only "bad" part is how I feel about what I eat now . . .I have another son, who could use your guidance, so I will be back!

Appreciatively, Jeff Tripp

Our tour with you Wednesday afternoon was absolutely fabulous! You present a wonderful blend of history, cuisine and culture — informative, engaging, with a lively dash of humor. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon — even with the rain — and I can’t wait to get back to the North End to explore more!

We had dinner at Taranta — met Jose — and were all pleased and fully sated. Well, almost — we did have to make a quick jaunt up the street for espresso and a sweet from Mike’s Pastry. Nancy’s first choice, Morgan’s (I think), had already closed. Not bad for a tourist spot.

Again, wonderful tour, well done. I’d love to have you share your recipe for polenta with buckwheat when you have time.

Hope your trip to Sicily goes smoothly. I’m already scheming to join you next year!

Debb Putnam

I was on your tour on Friday, June 13th, and just want to thank you for an interesting, fascinating and delightful tour! It was wonderful. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Your enthusiasm and your personality contributed immensely to the experience. We talked about it all the way back to New Hampshire! Thanks again for an absolutely terrific day!

Sincerely, Rita Gulardo

My husband and our guests truly enjoyed your tour!

We grew up in Boston ( Dorchester and Hyde Park) and both are descendants of Irish/Italian heritage and of course the Italian being the real influence in our lives. We both lived in our Italian grandparents 3 family homes. Both also coming from the Puglia region of Italy. When the busing started we wanted to protect our children and of course moved to the suburbs. Unfortunately we have lost our grandparents and Italian parents. We have tried to keep as much of the traditions going with our children, but they do get lost as we work and live out of the areas that these good foods are harder to find. We come in to the North End on special occasions to get Maria’s pastries and meet some cousins from the North Shore to dine.

Anyway, your tour brought it all alive for us and it was just awesome! We could have listened to you forever! I am a travel agent and already have sent your website out to some travel agent friends and my cousins so I know we will be back. We are going to Puglia for a wedding in December ( I will try the Burrata Cheese) and so we can’t take advantage of your vacation tours this year but I would love to some time! We will be back with our children soon and our cousins and of course, our friends. Thanks for a great afternoon!!!

Patricia (Tarallo) and Joseph Mastrorilli

I just wanted to write and tell you how much my party of 9 loved your tour. Everyone thanked me 100 times over for inviting them. You have a wealth of knowledge about the North End, Italians, Italy, and more. Your "passion" shined through…….So glad that you love what you’re doing for work. You are so unbelievably good at what you do, and we all had so much fun.

I’m sure that we will be talking about it for years to come…

Maybe we’ll see you at Alba’s someday (arguing over who gets the last Sicilian eggplant)…Thank you 100 times over…We had a blast and will tell the world about it…

Kind Regards, Kathleen Timony-Doyle