Pignolata for Carnevale


Quick – they’re almost gone!

Maria Merola, pastry chef and owner of Maria’s Pastry Shop, made her famous Pignolata for Carnevale, the last celebration before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. From the word pigna, or pine cone, egg dough is shaped into small cylindrical pieces (vaguely resembling pine cones), fried and heaped into little mounds and then glazed with either vanilla or chocolate Italian meringue.

Pignolata are typically Sicilian but are also made in other regions of Southern Italy. And like any Italian recipe, not only are they local to each town but within that town, each family has its own version.

I vote for Maria’s Pignolata as the best…and I always overindulge to prepare me for Lent when I try to abstain from desserts!


Maria’s Pastry Shop

46 Cross Street, Boston MA