Pomegranate – Melagrana

History and Lore:

Michele Topor portraitPomegranates are the fruit of a small, shrubby tree, native to the Mediterranean, where it still grows wild. The fruits resemble large, brick red, leather-skinned apples with turret-like crowns. When opened, they reveal a myriad of clear-to-ruby-red, glassy-looking seeds or kernels called arils, compartmentalized and protected between tough white membranes….

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Did you know that the artichoke, carciofi in Italian, is actually the flower bud of a perennial thistle plant related to the sunflower family? We eat the scale-like bracts, which we call leaves and the tender base of the flower, which we call the bottom or the heart….

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Farro — A grain of the pharaohs and of Roman soldiers makes a comeback…

FARRO (Triticum Dicoccum) – WHAT IS IT

Farro (pronounced FAHR-oh) was one of the first grains known to man and kernels have been discovered in Egyptian tombs….

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Although all of these abbreviations on food and wine labels seem confusing, they guarantee that a food or wine product will taste as it traditionally should. It’s labeling a product for reliability, quality and tradition.


DOP stands for Denominazione d’Origine Protetta….

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