Mediterranean Lifestyle

January is all about fresh starts. Whose resolutions haven’t included eating better, exercising more, quitting smoking, or participating in more cultural activities? My resolution is to adopt Italy’s Mediterranean lifestyle. Italians have long been envied for their rich, celebratory lifestyle, but it’s the simple elements of well-being in lifestyle and diet that have made their culture one of the healthiest and most respected….

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Have you seen the Boston Magazine Best of Boston issue?

It’s always fun to peruse the August issue of Boston Magazine to see their annual guide of the very best in Boston and we couldn’t agree more on a few of their neighborhood choices.  We are delighted that Maria’s Pastry Shop has been voted the best cannoli in Boston and Bricco Panetteria,…

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New study supports what we’ve always shared on the North End Market Tour

When is the last time you remember a scientific study being cut short because the results were so clear it would have been unethical to continue the research? That’s exactly what happened with a recent large-scale, randomized trial in Spain. Dr. Ramon Estuch, a Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona decided to find out whether a Mediterranean diet could,…

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Pet Peeves- Resolutions in Disguise

Happy New Year everyone! While the rest of you have been busy putting together your New Year’s resolutions, I have been putting together a different sort of list:  a list of my Italian restaurant pet peeves. After all, pet peeves are just resolutions in disguise….

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Buddha’s Hand Citron

One of the oldest members of the citrus family, this large lemon like fruit is segmented into finger like sections. Although it has the fragrance of a lemon it has no juicy pulp beneath its rind.

It is grown for its fragrant rind and non bitter pulp. The origin of Buddha’s hand plant is traced back to Northern India and China….

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