Italian Magic Potions to Begin or Top Off A Lusty Meal

Over the past decade Italian food, wine and life style have permeated our lives. Have you ever wondered about all those beautiful Italian bottles lined up behind the bar, or picked up a wine list to see the headings “Aperitif”, “Grappa”, or “Amaro”?

These are consumed in a ritual fashion either before or after the meal to prepare for or aid the digestive process….

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Festa di San Giuseppe and Zeppole

In Italy la festa dei papa, the equivalent of Father’s Day, falls on March 19, the feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph), the husband of Mary and the stepfather of Jesus. Italians celebrate with special foods and gifts from the children to their Babbo (Daddy in Tuscany,…

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National Pistachio Day

Wednesday, February 26th is National Pistachio Day here in the States, and although we love pistachios in any way, shape and form, there is no place on earth that produces pistachios superior to those from Bronte, in Sicily.

Sicily is the only place in Italy where pistachios grow,…

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Mediterranean Lifestyle

January is all about fresh starts. Whose resolutions haven’t included eating better, exercising more, quitting smoking, or participating in more cultural activities? My resolution is to adopt Italy’s Mediterranean lifestyle. Italians have long been envied for their rich, celebratory lifestyle, but it’s the simple elements of well-being in lifestyle and diet that have made their culture one of the healthiest and most respected….

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Have you seen the Boston Magazine Best of Boston issue?

It’s always fun to peruse the August issue of Boston Magazine to see their annual guide of the very best in Boston and we couldn’t agree more on a few of their neighborhood choices.  We are delighted that Maria’s Pastry Shop has been voted the best cannoli in Boston and Bricco Panetteria,…

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