Mercato del Mare

Don’t miss the new fish store that opened in June at 99 Salem Street. I think it’s the prettiest store in the North End – Mercato del Mare. It’s been a couple of years since we have had the opportunity to buy really fresh fish in the neighborhood. Kudos to both Elizabeth Ventura and Keri Cassidy who after having worked in the restaurant industry decided to follow their dream of becoming entrepreneurs in the food business.

First, as you step down from the street into the store you will see a typical European market including details such as black and white tiles, tin ceiling, and butcher block displays. The shellfish sink is filled with a variety of iced mollusks, crustaceans and other marvels of the sea. The showcase highlights the regular Atlantic varieties of haddock, cod, whole red snapper, swordfish, tuna, calamari, salmon, and halibut. Depending on the season and luck of the catch you might find dorado, sardines, and other coveted varieties.

Keri and Elizabeth are committed to purchasing local products whenever possible – such as calamari from Point Judith and sea scallops from Nantucket (both incredibly sweet). Look for fresh sushi, marinated anchovies and seaweed salad delivered daily. There is also a variety of home made prepared foods: lobster rolls, crab salad, clam chowder, lobster bisque, a variety of ready to grill skewered fish and tuna teriyaki.

Party platters can be special ordered and delivered (within reason) – think about a beautiful platter with smoked salmon, bagels and all the traditional garnish. Tuesday is Taco Tuesday with home made fish tacos! Breads are from Sel de La Terre. There’s a rack of shelves brimming with dried pasta, olive oil and other condiments and produce to accompany seafood. Keri and Elizabeth have a commitment to high quality products and service, presented in a casual, open and friendly atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to call on them for cooking tips and seasoning advice.

Please stop buy, welcome them to the neighborhood and treat yourself to some very fresh, healthy seafood.

Mercato del Mare
99 Salem St.
Boston, MA 02113
[email protected]
Mon-Fri 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun noon-5pm or when they run out of fish

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