Fresh Fava beans at the Italian Greengrocer

It’s always so exciting to see the first of the spring vegetables. I’ve been hounding “Albie” for weeks to find out when the fresh fava beans will be available. Well they’re here! Both fave and dandelion greens are for me a harbinger of Spring.

Look for fuzzy bright green pods that look heavy and full. Serve them raw as an antipasto, piled high in a basket along side a chunk of pecorino cheese and a paring knife. Perfect for casual company; while you’re chatting, just pull out the fat beans from their plush, cushioned pod and slip the somewhat tough and bitter outer skin off the bean. Savor the slightly bittersweet bean with the salty, sharp cheese or a piece of salami and of course…a glass of red wine. Fresh favas can also be sautéed, and they make a wonderful addition to soups, salad, pasta, risotto and frittatas.


Fresh fava beans available at: Alba Produce, 18 Parmenter St., Boston’s North End