Dandelions – a sign of spring!

Yes, dandelions came into the market today – a sure sign of Spring.


I couldn’t  wait to get them home to enjoy as a salad after dinner. There are many ways to enjoy this spring treat. Tonight I rinsed them very well and simply dressed them with a warm, rendered prosciutto fat dressing. I diced some prosciutto fat that still had a bit of meat on it and rendered it with olive oil and some chopped sweet onion over low heat until the diced fat became translucent. While it was still warm I added a big splash of white wine vinegar to make a warm vinaigrette.  I added a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper to taste and spooned it over the dandelion. A perfect ending to my dinner!

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Blanched dandelion, gigande beans and burrata
Blanched dandelion, gigande beans and burrata

Another favorite lunch is blanched dandelion served room temperature with cooked gigande beans and topped with burrata cheese and a big drizzle of olive oil (see photo) – squisito!


Look for spring dandelions at :

Alba Produce

18 ParmenterSt,

Boston, MA