A Mediterranian Classic

Excluding EVOO and salt, which I consider indispensable, I adore anchovies! I know, I can almost hear you “too fishy, too salty, there are bones, it stinks.” Cheap overly salted products have that intense, fishy, salty flavor that has given them a bad reputation. Maybe you just don’t know how to buy and use them….

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Delicious ways to use anchovies

Anchovies are sustainable, affordable, very versatile, and adapt to whatever role they are assigned. When eaten straight out of the jar/can, they can be briny and assertive, but when cooked and added to other ingredients, they fortify and enhance the other foods’ taste, leaving behind an elusive flavor. Many people who claim not to like anchovies are often surprised to discover how much better the recipe tastes when a few anchovies are added….

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Italian Ice Cream Delights

How much do you know about “Gelato”?

Gelato is classified into various categories according to ingredients used. Here is a short list of the more popular ones:


A frozen dessert of Italian origin.  It is generally made in an ice cream machine with a base of milk,…

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Garlic (allium sativum) is a bulb covered with papery skin enclosing individual cloves of the most potent member of the onion family. Known as one of the oldest cultivated plants, it is native to Central Asia, with its usage being traced back more than 5,000 years. Ancient Olympic athletes ate garlic before competing in events….

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You don’t have to live in the Mediterranean to enjoy the health boosting benefits of this delicious food and lifestyle.  There is no one right way to follow the diet, as there are many countries around the Mediterranean Sea and these many regions broaden the possibilities of the flavors that you will encounter. …

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