It seems like the current darling of the cheese world is fresh burrata. Born in the 20th century and although a newcomer, or at least among world cheese, it originated in the region of Puglia as a way to use up the leftover scraps of mozzarella….

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Pizza Rustica – a Southern Italian Easter Tradition

In Boston’s North End it wouldn’t be Easter without a savory ricotta tart called pizza rustica or pizza chiena in Neapolitan dialect. A slightly sweet, flaky egg-enriched crust surrounds a salty filling of ricotta or basket cheese, Parmigiano and mozzarella cheese, with chopped pieces of prosciutto, salami and mortadella. …

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Dandelion greens – a spring tonic

What a nice surprise to find  dandelion greens at the greengrocer – a sure sign of spring! In Italy, dandelion is considered a spring tonic for its diuretic and purgative action. After a winter of heavy foods, the slightly bitter taste is most satisfying and refreshing. Lucky are those who can soon dig them in their backyards….

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Pomegranate – Melagrana

History and Lore:

Michele Topor portraitPomegranates are the fruit of a small, shrubby tree, native to the Mediterranean, where it still grows wild. The fruits resemble large, brick red, leather-skinned apples with turret-like crowns. When opened, they reveal a myriad of clear-to-ruby-red, glassy-looking seeds or kernels called arils, compartmentalized and protected between tough white membranes….

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