There’s no doubt that cooler days and autumn evenings signal the start to the apple season. Ever since Adam bit into the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, apples have been the world’s most favorite fruit. There is evidence to suggest that the Stone Age man was partial to the apple,…

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The tomato is probably the most symbolic of foods associated with Italian cuisine; more tomatoes are eaten in Italy than any other vegetable. In reality the tomato did not enter the Italian pantry until the late 16th century when the Spanish brought it into the country. It was then described as a magical and medicinal plant to be used as a cure for various ailments as well as in the preparation of magical potions and aphrodisiacs….

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FAVA BEANS – A harbinger of spring!

I love introducing people on tour to fresh broad fava beans – fave fresche. The culture of the fava bean is thought to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean in late Neolithic times and in the Middle Ages the fava bean was a staple food throughout the Mediterranean. Favas were the only bean known to Europe until the discovery of the New World….

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Buona Pasqua

“Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi,” as the Italian proverb goes, “Christmas with your relatives, Easter with whomever you want”. But spending time with family turns out to be the way most people choose to enjoy their Easter holiday.

As with all Italian holidays, food plays a key part in the celebrations….

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