Buon Capodanno, lenticchie e cotechino

Although many people celebrate the New Year with oysters and champagne, we prefer to follow the traditions of Northern Italy which is to start another year by eating lentils cooked with cotechino sausage.

Cotechino, a specialty of Modena, is a large fresh sausage consisting of pork rind (cotenna), … [Read More]


Panforte, a traditional medieval Tuscan confection and a specialty of Siena, is beginning to be seen on market shelves throughout the neighborhood. The best description of this classic Italian confection may be that it is like a cross between a fruitcake and candy. Although translated as “strong bread” it is not bread at all but rather a spicy, … [Read More]

Celebrate November 2, All Souls’ Day with Ossi di Mortu

There are many versions of “Bones of the Dead” cookies in Italy. Maria in Maria’s Pastry Shop in Boston’s North End, continues the tradition and makes the cookies in the authentic Sicilian style. They are so delicious that I just can’t stop eating them. Their consistency depends on the weather and sometimes they are so hard that you have to soften them in your mouth so as not to break your teeth. … [Read More]