Washington Post: North End Food Tour: For the Whole Cannoli

Sunday, July 3, 2005

BOSTON: North End Food Tour: For the Whole Cannoli

By Anne McDonough
Washington Post Staff Writer

First a cinnamon stick, next a piece of ginger: Each person sniffed, breathed deeply and then passed along the spice. Twelve of us lined up in Polcari’s, a narrow, aromatic corner shop selling coffee beans and spices on Boston’s Salem Street since 1932, as tour guide Angela Denstad explained the medicinal properties of various products. (more…)

Where Boston: The Right Ingredients

May 2005

The Right Ingredients

The culinary culture of Boston’s Italian-American neighborhood

By Sandra Giardi

“Any chef will tell you, if you start with good ingredients, the outcome will be fabulous”, says , the mind behind the deliciously insightful North End Market Tours, culinary adventures that transform kitchen novices into gastronomes faster than you can say “scamorze”. “That’s the most important thing. What you put into a dish.” The same might be said of Boston’s North End district, the city’s “Little Italy”. It’s the ingredients, the make-up of this extraordinary section of town that causes it to shine. (more…)