New at Salumeria Italiana

Tartufi Bianchi e Neri—white and black truffles, flown in fresh from Italy; the most prized (and costliest) Italian food product. White truffles are thinly sliced and eaten raw, usually topping preparations of fettuccine, risotto, scaloppine and fonduta. Black truffles are more often used as a supporting flavor ingredient in longer-cooked dishes, … [Read More]

New at At Alba Produce

Melagrane—pomegranates–one of my favorite fall fruits. Remove the ruby-red, glassy seeds to enjoy their delicious, tangy flavor–all on their own, or sprinkled in/on almost anything to enhance flavor and garnish appearance: on salads, with meat or poultry, on soups, in desserts… Pomegranate seeds add texture, spectacular color, … [Read More]

New at Dairy Fresh Candies

Dried Chestnuts—castagne secche–are dried in Italy using a smoking technique which renders them a bit sweeter, a tad smoky, and less floury in texture than regular roasted chestnuts–albeit not as flavorful. They do, however, make a great shortcut in recipes where they are to be added to other ingredients, … [Read More]