Ladies Home Journal: Boston accents

September 2002

Boston accents

by Francesca Di Meglio

Boston, Massachusetts, may be a big city but it often has the feel of a small town, thanks in large part to its vibrant immigrant neighborhoods. From its inception, Boston and its surrounding area have been a popular destination for foreigners coming to America to start a new life. Who could forget the Pilgrims? Nearly four centuries later, about one quarter of the city’s residents are immigrants, most recently from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Russia. Although tourists rush to the Freedom Trail, which leads to colonial-era sites, they often overlook the landmarks of Boston’s immigrants, especially the thriving Irish and Italian communities. (more…)

Boston Globe: North End Exposure

An insider reveals the Italian neighborhood’s culinary treasures

by Josh B. Wardrop

“We all hate the Big Dig,” says Michele Topor, a 32-year resident of the North End. “Everything’s covered in dirt and dust, it’s taken away so much parking, and it’s made access to the neighborhood much more difficult.”

Topor may not be able to widen arteries or extend sidewalks, but making the North End more accessible has become her life’s work. (more…)

Boston Globe Calendar

July 18-24, 2002

Hit of the Week: Insider’s North End

If you spent a lifetime in the North End scouting for food finds like the freshest cannoli or the most tender calamari, you might discover all the North End tips that Michele Topor knows. Or you could just let Topor divulge her three decades of tasty discoveries during her North End Market Tour.

Topor’s 3-hour tour is like a Food Network fantasy come true — you get to eat all the goodies the expert makes you drool over. Like the pied piper of the hungry, Topor leads each tour from bakery to salumeria (market), butcher to fruttivendolo (green grocer), and wine store to pescheria (fish shop). While you taste, say, fresh figs or a limoncello cordial, she throws in shopping, storing, and serving advice. (more…)