Food & Wine: Travel Coach

October 2000


L’arte di cucinare

Master planner: Chef Michele Topor, who has long given tours of Boston’s Italian North End, expanded her territory to Sicily a dozen years ago.

Services: Topor’s twice-a-year weeklong tour” A Taste of Sicily” explores the simple yet innovative cucina povera of ordinary Sicilians as well as the baroque cuisine of the aristocracy. (more…)

Delta Sky: The Tastes of Italy

September 2000

Bostonians — And why they can’t stay away from the North End
Endgame: From zuppa to noci in Boston’s North End


While its heritage and architecture certainly merit a visit, most people come to the North End to eat. And there is no better guide to one of the premier food neighborhoods in the country than professional chef Michele Topor, of the awarding-winning tour service Michele Topors LArte di Cucinare. Topor knows all the best bakeries, greengrocers, salumerias, wineshops and restaurantsas well as the history and culture of the North Endand she shares her knowledge on her inspiring 3-hour walking tour. (more…)

Yankee Magazine: Michele Topor’s North End

March 2000

by Carol Connare

On this walking tour, you get an insider’s guide to Italian food — and a taste of an old Boston neighborhood.

When the blond lady fainted in the back of Dairy Fresh Candies, our tour guide, Michele Topor, was in the midst of shocking us with tales of what’s really in lower grades of olive oil. (“Chemicals. It’s all solvents and chemicals. You’ve got to buy extra-virgin.”) When someone cried, “Catch her!” we all looked to see the falling fainting woman’s companions grab her and plunk her onto a box of bonbons.

Michele sprang to action, and before you could say “cannoli,” she had the manager of the candy shop on the phone to 911. The dozen of us on the tour looked on as the woman’s friends revived her with a glass of water, and Topor called off the medics. The manager stepped from behind the counter, unwrapped a fat, shiny chocolate, and handed it to the woman. (more…)