Farro Spaghetti


Substitute pasta made from farro in any of your favorite pasta dishes. Since it has an earthy, nutty taste similar to whole wheat pasta, it pairs best with a more assertive vegetable.

Suggestions for additions to cooked farro pasta:

  • OO, sautéed mushrooms (mix of sliced portobello, shitake and oyster), garlic, and when serving – top with a drizzle of truffle oil and slices of Taleggio cheese
  • OO, sautéed mushrooms and pork sausages (hot or sweet) – serve with grated cheese
  • sautéed cabbage, or cavolo vero (Tuscan kale), or broccoli rape seasoned with garlic, anchovies and hot red pepper
  • sautéed onions, diced pancetta, halved cherry tomatoes and a pinch of hot red pepper and basil
  • sautéed shellfish, onion, garlic, diced plum tomato, sliced fennel

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