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“Not for all the tea in China” was a common expression when I was growing up. To be sure, there is a plethora of tea in China, and it is considered to be the national drink. Moreover, world- wide, tea is consumed far more frequently than coffee.

I am thrilled to announce that at last we have a shop in Chinatown where we can purchase top quality teas. The owners of Silky Way, Kenneth Dong, Larry Wong and Donald Wong have opened a second location at 35 Harrison Avenue, near the corner of Harrison and Beach Street. The new location features a fantastic collection of antique and classical Chinese furniture, giftware and ceramics assembled by their importers in China at artisan studios located from Hainan Island in the South Seas to Beijing in the north. You’ll love their carved wooden gates, end tables, chests, trunks and even sedan chairs, which were used to carry brides, hidden from view, to their new husband’s village. You will find a wonderful selection of Tibetan antique reproductions as well as Celedon and clay tea sets, fierce looking Foo Dogs to guard your personal palace, and vases for your foyer or garden.

What has this to do with tea? Silky Way also imports high quality teas from China, Japan, and other areas of Asia. Hard to find Dragon Well, Iron Goddess of Mercy, and the favorite choice to accompany Dim Sum, Pu-Er teas are among the numerous selections. Yu Feng Huang and her husband, Michael Lau are on site to provide information, and answer questions. Both of them have years of experience importing from China, Korea and the Phillipines. Ms. Huang is also an expert in formal tea service and the Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony, and is offering tastings at her tea table on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Other times may be arranged by appointment.

Silky Way
35 Harrison Ave.
Boston’s Chinatown

written by Jim Becker, Chinatown Guide

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