Third Annual Lunar New Year Event

With the rising of the new moon on January 30, we begin the Year of the Horse. People born under this sign are thought to be full of energy, great at communicating, and, like the horse itself, physically strong.  Horses are also trustworthy,  generous,  happiest in crowds, and...[read more]
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Last Minute Antipasti for Holiday Entertaining

Parties are part of the fun of the holiday season, and there’s no question that large gatherings are the traditional way to bring family and friends together. But it seems that nowadays most people work longer hours, have overcommitted lifestyles and don’t always have the ...[read more]
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A Common Condiment with Illusions of Grandeur

- The condiment aisle in a Chinese market can be a bit overwhelming. For the novice Asian cuisine enthusiast trying to decipher the labels on jars and bottles can be frustrating to say the least. Many labels are not written in English, and if they are, they are often confusingly...[read more]
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Fusion Food Gone Awry

Anyone who has taken our Chinatown tour quickly learns that Chop Suey and Chow Mein are not authentic Chinese dishes. In the Cantonese language, the word Chop Suey actually means “leftovers”!  Chow Mein translates as “stir-fried noodles”, but anything called Chow Mein in...[read more]
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La Mian 拉 麵

The concept of “al dente”does not really exist in the world of Chinese pasta. Perhaps the closest equivalent is what the Taiwanese call “Q”, (pronounced like the English letter) which roughly translates into English as “chewy”. While most Chinese noodle dishes do not ...[read more]
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