Tortino di carciofi e cardi

Cardoons are one of the vegetables very popular in Mediterranean countries but sadly neglected by Americans. They are a member of the thistle family, related to artichokes. The thistle that it produces is not edible, but the stalks, which look like giant celery with thin, ...[read more]
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Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes

At this time of year when we are in a feasting mode, one or two extra vegetable dishes are always welcome. Instead of falling back on the usual suspects of sweet potatoes and green beans why not experiment and have your friends and family sit down to a dinner of comforts and ...[read more]
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Okinawan Sweet Potato

From time to time, we hear stories concerning remote areas of the globe where unusually large numbers of people live unusually long, healthy lives. This is often attributed to diet, and, in most instances, these stories turn out to be of little merit. Recently, I became aware of ...[read more]
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Ice cream is and always has been, more than just dessert. It came on trucks with ringing bells when we were little; it came on sticks and in cups and in cones and in frosted silver dishes at the local ice cream parlor. It was what you ate when your tonsils were removed, when you ...[read more]
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Summer Figs

Yes, there’s more to figs than fig leaves and fig newtons. Figs epitomize the Mediterranean--its climate, its food, its way of life. Figs most likely originated in Asia Minor and are thought to be one of the few trees to survive the ice ages. There is said to have been a fig ...[read more]
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