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of Italy?
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North End
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Are you intrigued by the culinary and cultural traditions of China?
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A Culinary Adventure Awaits You…

Close your eyes and imagine strolling down quaint and narrow streets while enjoying colorful sights, tantalizing aromas, and chaotic sounds as you get an ‘insider’s view’ of these ethnic communities, alive with colorful immigrant history and undiscovered “hidden gems”.

The secret of a cuisine is the high quality of ingredients, a sense of regional tradition and an understanding of the culture. For an outsider, finding the finest is not always easy. The marketplace has become overrun with fraudulent foods and these imposters have found their way into our kitchens. We’ll make sure you are lining your pantry with authentic products that are both delicious and good for you. Join us on a culinary walking tour of Boston’s “Little Italy” (North End) and Chinatown and let us be your passport to unlocking the secrets of the world’s healthiest cuisines.

“It’s like visiting another country – passport not required!”

North End Market Tour

Follow your guide on this culinary walking tour into the food traditions and marketplaces of the most authentic “Little Italy” remaining in America. Learn how Italians eat and how their food traditions were adapted to this country; glean insider cooking tips and gain resources on how to identify and where to buy the very best ingredients, as we reveal why the traditional Mediterranean diet is one of the world’s healthiest.

Gluten Free North End Market Tour

This tailored version of our classic North End Market Tour will meet the needs of a growing number of Italian food enthusiasts who have felt excluded from our tour experience because of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Your guide, an expert in living without gluten, will also provide you with cooking tips on how to adapt healthy Mediterranean dietary principles to enhance a gluten-free lifestyle.

Chinatown Market Tour

Have you ever been intrigued, yet a little intimidated, by a Chinese neighborhood? Are you wild about Asian food, but easily confused by the huge variety of unfamiliar ingredients in the markets? If so, this tour is your key to unlocking the mysteries that lie beyond the Chinatown Gate. We’ll explore the ancient Chinese link between food and medicine, and show you how a traditional Asian diet can improve your health.

Speaker Series

If your meetings are so full of engagements that timing does not allow your members to physically join us on a Market Tour, consider our speaker series and let us bring the tour to you at your business luncheon, dinner or club event.

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